Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jogini Falls, a Perfect Example of Natural Beauty in Manali

Jogini falls is one of the major tourist attractions of Manali, located at a distance of about 5 km. The site is regarded as a must visit destination in Manali, due to the scenic as well as serene surroundings of the place. The Jogini falls is situated at the northern edge of Vashisht village and is regarded to be sacred, as it is believed that the goddess of Jogini Devi temple to be residing in the cascading waters of this falls. There is also a small shrine at a short distance below the falls, which is mostly left unnoticed by the visitors, but is regarded to be an important one among the locals.

The Trek to the Waterfall
After reaching a small bridge over the Beas River while coming from Manali, you got to trek to a tiny hamlet of Bhang. From here on, it is a steady climb to the ancient village of Vashisht, which is very much renowned for its sand stone temples and the natural springs, known for its medicinal values. From the Vashisht village, it will take you an hour to reach the glorious Jogini Falls. 

As you get to the falls, you will be spell-bounded with the scenic beauty of the falls. The falls beautifully cascades down from a small hill and is also a perfect spot for picnic. Stay for a while at this place and enjoy the splendor and tranquility of the place, with a warm sun above your head. The falls is beautiful located away from the hustle of the city life, surrounded by beauty and soothing sounds of nature. The small eateries surrounding this falls provide some excellent traditional food of the region, such as brown rice, kadi chawal, rajma and roti. After having your lunch, you can opt to take a causal walk along the close by pine trees or find a perfect place close to falls, where you can rest and enjoy the magnificence of the place. 

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit the falls is during the months of April to November.

Opening Time: The falls can be visited by the tourists from 9 am to 7 pm. 

The best option for accommodation, while visiting the Jogini falls is Manali, which is dotted numerous budget and luxury class hotels as well as resorts. These and resorts are equipped with almost all the modern amenities making your stay at this place into a memorable one.

How to Reach

By Road: By road, the falls can be easily accessed by road from Manali, located at a distance of about 5 km. Tourists can opt to take a jeep or a cab from Manali and cross a small bridge over the Beas River, from where you got to trek for a short while to get to the falls. Manali has a very good network of roads that connects the place with various major parts within Himachal Pradesh and other neighboring states.

By Air: The nearest airport to Jogini falls is the Kullu Airport, located at a distance of about 31 km. The airport is well connected with several major parts within the state as well as with other parts in India. 

By Train: The nearest major railway station to this site is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, located at a distance of about 150 km from Manali. Regular bus and taxi services are available from the station to Manali, from where you can head on towards the falls.  

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Charismatic Crest of Chidiya Tapu

Within the horizon of splendid Andaman and Nicobar if someone provokes you to name the best sunset point then remember the site of Chidiya Tapu which is renowned for its magical location where an eternal sun have choose to set its tire for shiny tomorrow.

Renowned as Bird Island and Sunset point Chidiya Tapu can be considered as one of the celebrated destinations within the whole ambiance of Island territory. Located at a distance of 25 km from the southern tip of Port Blair it is silently settled at uttermost Southern tip of South Andaman Island and from Port Blair it will take approximately 45 minutes to reach here.

Evening glory when all the birds go back to their huts and bliss of solitude starts to nestle and that’s the moment when murky orange tint hits the surface of beach expressing the beauty of Mother Nature relates the colossal grandeur of Sun set. 

Amplitude of serenity and divinity of ambiance where one can silently nurture the beach and its surrounding valley calls for a radiance and conventional moment of life. As the muse and the hue of the milieu turns into golden orange when the dying rays of sun hits the shore compliments and comprehend the venture and would made you feel like you are quite a distance away from the contemporary schedule of life.

Make sure to be here to witness the vibrant mangrove plantation and the bushes of thick forest that attracts the traveller from all across the site calls for natural symphony. For bird watcher Chidiya Tapu is very ideal and they can spend their whole day appreciating the site because here you will get to see vivid species of birds and along with the blossoms of springs like seasonal orchids adds more delight to the site.

What’s more exciting is boat trips are also available from the site which relates to adventure and many traveller looks to take a ride to enjoy the marine beauty which in turn would give you brilliant opportunity to have closer look of the background.

Attraction Nearby
Once you end up here to relish the instant of life make sure to see other exquisite wonders that surround the site of Beach and amongst them the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, Sylvan Sands and Munda Pahar beaches are some of the prime attractions and are allured by all the travellers from the world.

Things to Do
If you are planning to make your way here to witness the golden bow of sun set then make sure you have other plans to execute here and amongst that picnic could be an elementary one as the site is ideal for the same. So this time around plan it with perfection and capture the moment of your life. Beside that what more you can do is Snookering and boating which completes your adventure thirst.

Best Time to Visit
Between the months of October and April would be an ideal time for you to pay a visit here

How to Reach
By Air: Port Blair international airport is the nearest airport beside that one can take a ride of jetty to reach the site of Chidiya Tapu but the best we would recommend is by road.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Some of the Colourful Festivals around the World

Since we know that every nation has their own calls of occasion and festivals which they look to celebrate with bang and through this article today we are going to talk about some of the colourful festivals of the world.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Enjoy the Pleasures of the Backwaters in Kerala with Luxury Houseboats

Kerala the state in South India is world renowned for its amazing beauty of nature and man-made wonders. Among the many tourism attractions, the houseboats of Kerala, which are considered to be the most important tourism attractions

Monday, 17 March 2014

Some of the Best Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

Tea Tourism has been recently added to the new concept of world tourism and Darjeeling is highly banking on it. This pristine hill station of West Bengal is a Mecca of extensive tea gardens.  The hill station is a home to around 80 odd operational tea gardens that stretches over acres of land on open hill slopes. 

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park – Largest High Altitude Zoos of India

One of the largest high altitude zoos of India, Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park which owes its name to Padmaja Naidu, the governor of West Bengal (1900-1975) is placed at an altitude of 2,134 meters above the sea level in Darjeeling town of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Historical Himalayan Darjeeling Railway Station

Fun and entertainment is another name of Darjeeling Himalayan railway and owing to its importance the place where it sheds its engine has become a place for tourist adventure.